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Fritsch playing keyboards in the Apocalypse Concert - Porto Alegre - Brazil- 1999
Fritsch and his Modular Syntheziser during CD Atmosphere recordings - 2002
Fritsch and the Keyboards used to record the CD Atmosphere - 2002
Fritsch and the synthezizers used to record the CD Mythology - 2001
Fritsch and keyboards - 2000
Fritsch and some electronic instruments used to record the CD Cyberspace -2000
Fritsch playing the Analog Modular Synthezizer System-700 Laboratory - 2000
Fritsch playing System 700 during Apocalypse Concert - 2000
Fritsch playing keyboards - 2001              
System-700 - Analog Sequencer used by Fritsch to compose Stratosphere - 2002
Modular Syntheziser Roland System-700 used by Fritsch to compose the CD
Atmosphere Electronic Suite - 2002
System-700 programmed by Fritsch to compose the Atmosphere Suite
Mixer Roland used by Fritsch - 2002
Analog oscilators programmed by Fritsch to generate lead synth sound to
compose Troposphere Electronic Suite - 2002
Synthesizer Modular in Fritsch's private studio – 2002
Modular Synthesizer formed by seven blocks configured by Fritsch to Record the CDs Cyberspace, Mythology, Refúgio and Atmopshere
Eloy Fritsch´s System-700 Main Console