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The Eloy Fritsch official web site is located at:


The Apocalypse Official Web Site will provide you with lots
of useful information about Eloy Fritsch.


A page with info and sounds can be visited at:


For those who can read in French there's a fan site that
features an extensive discography with a lot of
information about Eloy Fritsch´s music at:


Info in the Portuguese language and an interview with Eloy Fritsch with
MYTHOLOGY album as main topic can be read at:


There are quite complete entries in the allmusic guides
on Eloy Fritsch at:


..Specialised shops..

The Dutch company GROOVE Unlimited (at is able
to supply some Eloy Fritsch CDs all over the world.

MUSEA - French most famous and biggest progressive rock label. Eloy
Fritsch items for sale.

Rock Symphony - store for progressive rock rarities and music label.
Eloy Fritsch items for sale


AMAZON - US' biggest online store HERE

You can try a browse an extensive list of online CD stores at:

BUY the CD!